Web-based collaboration software for bug tracking, change management, support, and help desk.

NetResults Tracker for Issue Tracking and Management

NetResults Tracker is a powerful, easy-to-use web-based collaboration tool. See how NetResults Tracker can help your company.

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The Problem

All businesses have issues (tasks, activities) that need to be tracked and managed to resolution.  Resolution of these issues require the coordination of multiple individuals within and perhaps even outside the company.  

NetResults Tracker Solution

NetResults Tracker can be used by all team members to coordinate their work, and to make sure that issues get resolved in a timely manner. 

  • The built-in workflow automatically routes these issues to the appropriate individuals.
  • Managers can obtain status, reports, charts and graphs showing trends and problem areas.
  • Issues that are not taken care of in time will automatically be escalated.
  • Everyone involved can obtain status, automatic notification, reports, and charts and graphs; and share knowledge and information.
  • Tracker can be used to discuss and exchange ideas instead of having to get everyone into a meeting at the same time and place.

NetResults Tracker Advantage

Tracker thus delivers up-to-the-minute project information and status to team members everywhere to foster better communication and collaboration, and automatically manages these issues to resolution.  As a result, it increases productivity, improves the quality of products, and increases customer satisfactions.

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Service or Software

NetResults Tracker is available as a hosted solution (software-as-a-service) or packaged software (for you to install on your server).



NetResults Tracker (also called NRTracker) is a web-based collaboration software for bug tracking, defect tracking, issue tracking, change management, workflow management, process management, knowledge base, help desk, and automated support portal.


NetResults Tracker is available as a hosted solution (Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)) or as a packaged software.