Web-based collaboration software for bug tracking, change management, support, and help desk.

NetResults Tracker Features & Benefits



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Web-based Architecture

Designed and developed to operate on the Web. All features and functionality are available to the user with a Web browser.
Easy to use and deploy. Provide full access from any platform, anywhere. No client-side installation. Yes Yes    

Concurrent Multi-language Support

Multiple languages supported concurrently, even within a single problem report.
Works well with multi-national products & organizations. Yes Yes   View ScreenshotScreenshot

Multiple Time Zone Support

Each user can enter and view date and time in his own time zone and format.
Easier to use and less error prone for multi-location deployment. Yes Yes   View Demo (2 minutes)Demo

Standard Database Support

Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access or Oracle can be used for storage.
Leverage standard databases and tools. Yes Yes    

Multiple Projects and Workgroups

Track multiple projects for multiple workgroups, each with its own workflow, data fields, and other unique customization.
Use throughout the company for different projects. Increase utilization & reduce cost. Yes Yes   View Demo (1 minute)Demo
View ScreenshotScreenshot

Multiple Forms

Create and operate multiple applications. This allows you to manage different sets of data in a central location.
Integrated support for multiple applications. Yes Yes   View Demo (1 minute)Demo
View ScreenshotScreenshot

Record Links

Allow records (cases, issues, bug records, change requests, etc.) to be cross-referenced or linked.
Richer semantic and easier access. Yes Yes   View Demo (4 minutes)Demo


The architecture allows you to take advantage of multiple computers, multiprocessor computer systems, and load-balancers.
Virtually limitless expansion as your user-base grows. Yes Yes    

Remote Administration

All system administration features are available remotely through a Web browser.
Faster and easier maintenance. Allow the system to be hosted remotely; e.g. at an ISP. Yes Yes View ScreenshotScreenshot

Out-of-the-box Templates

Quick-start template data definitions and workflows for different applications — issue tracking, helpdesk, support, knowledge base.
Easy to get started. No need to start from scratch. Customize them to meet your needs. Yes Yes    

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Key Features Benefits Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Optional Add-on Flash Demo / Screenshot


Discussion threads for each issue.  Automatically invites and notifies participants.
Facilitate sharing of information & knowledge. Reduce the need for meetings that require everyone to be at the same place and same time.   Yes   View ScreenshotScreenshot

Alerts and Escalations

Time-based alerts for each issue, as reminders or escalations if the issue is not taken care of by the specified date & time. (In addition to the event-based email notification described below).
Automate escalation of problem areas to ensure timely resolution.   Yes   View ScreenshotScreenshot

Automatic Rule-based Email Notification

Configurable email (and pager) notification; separate rules and settings for each product tracked. Automatically notify appropriate users on change of assignment, change of state, etc.
Make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Yes Yes    

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Status and Accountability

Key Features Benefits Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Optional Add-on Flash Demo / Screenshot


Collection of standard statistics, and charts & graphs. Modify & save them, or create new ones.
Quickly see trends & trouble spots using the provided and customized charts & graphs. Yes Yes   View ScreenshotScreenshot 

Charts and Graphs

Visual display of current and past project statistics as well as trends.
Quickly identify trouble spots, gather statistics to evaluate performance or aid in project planning. Yes Yes   View ScreenshotScreenshot 

Real-time Reporting, Query, Keyword Search

Freely define report queries based on any value of any field. Use AND, OR, NOT operators to define complex queries. Save queries for quick access to information in the future. Design and save report formats. Obtain summary reports for high-level views of the status of each user and every product in the Tracker database.
Easily access relevant information, present them in an easily understandable form, and share them with other users. Improve enterprise-wide communication. Yes Yes   View ScreenshotScreenshot 

Personalized Per-User Home Page

After logging in, each user is presented with a home page that provides summary reports and graphs of issues reported by and assigned to the user. These reports and graphs are customizable.
Provide quick summary of assignments and status for each user. Keep your team focused. Yes Yes   View ScreenshotScreenshot 

Change History (Audit Trail)

Automatically maintains a log of changes to the data.
Ensure accountability for changes and decisions. Provide historic data for compliance. Yes Yes   View ScreenshotScreenshot 

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Key Features Benefits Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Optional Add-on Flash Demo / Screenshot

Application Program Interface (API)

Submit issues to NetResults Tracker directly from an external application or device using the Software Development Kit (SDK).
Integration with your applications and devices for higher productivity.     Yes  

Source Code Control Integration.

Associate source files with problem reports. View source file changes and version history. Generate reports. Integrated with Microsoft Visual SourceSafe and VS.NET.
Keep track of source code or documents affected. Improve productivity. Yes Yes   View ScreenshotScreenshot 

Data Import and Export Capability

Import and export data in .csv text format. Contact NetResults for a quote to import non-Tracker generated issue database.
Enable data migration and sharing with third party tools. Yes Yes    

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Workflow and Process Management

Key Features Benefits Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Optional Add-on Flash Demo / Screenshot

Configurable, Automated Workflow Tailored to Your Organization

For each workflow, you can define (1) an unlimited number of process states, and transitions between those states; (2) for each state transition, which user the record should be assigned to, who needs to be notified; and (3) the fields to set for each state transition.  As you complete your assigned task, Tracker automatically asks for the required information and assign the issue to the user defined in the next state of the workflow.
Model and enforce your company's existing process. Automatically route issues around to get them resolved. Improve productivity and quality. Yes Yes   View ScreenshotScreenshot 

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Support and Help Desk

Key Features Benefits Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Optional Add-on Flash Demo / Screenshot

External User (customers, strategic partners, etc.) Support

Your customers and partners can submit issues directly via the Web, check on the status, and collaborate with you.
Automate receiving bugs from customers 24x7. Higher efficiency and convenience for everyone. Yes Yes   View Demo (4 minutes)Demo 

Submit via Email

Submit issues to Tracker by sending an email.
Enable your customers to submit issues even if your server is behind a firewall or if they have no Web access.     Yes View Demo (3 minutes)Demo 

Knowledge Base

Create a searchable Knowledge Base of articles about known issues, frequently asked questions, tech notes, etc.
Increase customer satisfaction and reduce support cost.     Yes View Demo (1 minute)Demo
View ScreenshotScreenshot 

Automatic Reporting of User Computer Environment

Gather information about the Reporter's computer, such as operating system, browser type and version, and IP address, and automatically fill in on the Add page when the issue is submitted.
Accurate information about the reporter's computer environment helps provide better support and improve customer satisfaction. Yes Yes   View Demo (2 minutes)Demo 

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Issue Tracking Database

Key Features Benefits Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Optional Add-on Flash Demo / Screenshot

Customizable Data Fields

Create and customize fields: Integer, Float, URL, Text, Large Text, Boolean, Link and Pulldown types. Specify that certain fields are required fields to make sure that critical data are entered by the user.
Customize the data according to your company's information needs. Build-to-order solutions at off-the-shelf price. Yes Yes   View ScreenshotScreenshot 

Customizable Field Relationships

Dependent (nested) Pulldowns allow the set of values displayed in one pulldown to be determined by the values selected in another pulldowns. For example, which items are displayed in the component field is determined by the product selected.
Simplify and validate the items in pulldown menus. Yes Yes   View ScreenshotScreenshot 

File and URL Attachments

Files (Screen shots, text, email) related to a problem can be attached to an issue record. The attachment can be accessed using the browser and displayed accordingly.
Leverage existing information. Yes Yes   View ScreenshotScreenshot 

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Security and Access Control

Key Features Benefits Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Optional Add-on Flash Demo / Screenshot

Flexible and Powerful User Access Control

User-Group based access control model -- you can assign different access capabilities to each user group. A user's access capabilities depend on which user groups he belongs to. You can control accesses to both operations and individual data records.
Control what your internal users, and external customers and partners can see and do. Yes Yes   View ScreenshotScreenshot 

Web Security Compatibility

The built-in security complements and is compatible with the Web server's security features and SSL encryption.
Can use standard Web security technology to increase security if needed. Yes Yes    

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Quality and Support

Key Features Benefits Standard Edition Enterprise Edition Optional Add-on Flash Demo / Screenshot

NetResults' Commitment to Quality, Support, and Services.

Product in production use since 1997.  Full HTML online help, Knowledge Base, custom support plans.
Reliable software. Professional, attentive service. Yes Yes    

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NetResults Tracker (also called NRTracker) is a web-based collaboration software for bug tracking, defect tracking, issue tracking, change management, workflow management, process management, knowledge base, help desk, and automated support portal.


NetResults Tracker is available as a hosted solution (Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)) or as a packaged software.